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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Between Wed 22 Jun and Sun 26 Jun 138 participants completed their Tandem Skydives at the Peterlee DZ with Amongst their number were sponsored skydivers jumping for Grace House, Cancer connections, 4Louis and other causes. In the main we had some great weather but some cloud, rain and towards the end of some days some sea fret frustrated us with some Tandem skydivers being unable to complete their jumps on Fri & Sun afternoons, and sadly just 2 being thwarted by the weather late Sat afternoon. Some of those who were unable to jump  have already rescheduled to alternative dates and we have some good availability going forwards for those yet to reschedule and we look forward to being able to get them through their jumps on a future date. for some images of those who did jump please CLICK HERE .

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