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Friday, 19 August 2016

Cameraflyers Preparing to film Skydives at the Peterlee DZ

Click on the link below to view some of the Tandem Skydives filmed at the Peterlee DZ during the period 10 - 14 Aug 16:

The Peterlee DZ is specifically cleared for parachuting and is not constricted by other Airport activities with Parachuting being the number one priority on our Airfield. We have been operating the Peterlee DZ for just short of 30 years and are extremely proud of our Trip Advisor and Facebook Reviews  We operate a fast climbing turbine parachute aircraft capable of taking up to 6 Tandem Skydivers on one lift, we regularly field 4 Tandem Instructors Mid Week Wednesday through Friday and 6 on weekends. In July this year alone 493 participants completed their Tandem Skydives at our Drop Zone and as of today only 0.075% of those we have trained have yet to make their jumps, so we can certainly deliver and we feel we have the facilities to make the activity a more pleasant experience for both participants and their friends & family who are able to have an unrestricted view from a purpose built spectator area a short distance away from the designated landing area.

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