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Sunday, 16 December 2018 All manner of people come to make jumps with within the Peterlee Drop Zone (DZ) at Shotton Airfield; be they Tandem Skydivers seeking that one off adrenalin high, Solo Jumpers looking for the same or finding themselves inspired to continue in our Sport via the Category System (CS) from Static Line (SL) to Free Fall & beyond, or via Accelerated Free Fall (AFF). Once Licensed Level is achieved we have jumpers undertaking Formation Skydiving linking up with others in free fall, Free Flying, Vertical Formation Skydiving &/or Parachutists honing their Canopy Skills for Accuracy, Swooping or Canopy Formation. This past year 10,208 jumps were made at the Peterlee DZ, 2095 Participants were trained to make Tandem Skydives, 162 to make Solo SL Jumps and 28 via the Accelerated Free Fall System. It requires in the order of one hour to be prepared to make a Tandem Skydive and we aim to get Participants through Tandem Skydives within 3 hours of arrival on site however weather & other factors can delay this and require participants to book additional dates in order to complete their jumps. It takes 6-8 hours preparation to make a first Solo Jump be that via CS or AFF with Licence Level possible within 18 jumps although some may require additional jumps. The Peterlee DZ is considered to be a Significant Area of Sporting Interest by Sport England and we are rated the Top Outdoor Attraction in Co Durham on Trip Advisor. We are one of 27 active DZs within the UK, the most Northerly in England - there are 3 North of the Firth of Forth in Scotland. In 2019 we will be running Courses from 1 Feb 19, have been chosen by our National Body the BPA - British Parachute Association to host an Accuracy Grand Prix over Easter Weekend (20 - 21 Apr 19) and one of the 3 UK Skydiving League (UKSL) Competition Events over the weekend 4-5 May 18. We will be running further events ourselves throughout the year. If you are inspired to try parachuting &/or skydiving, or have someone you believe would like to try it, further details can be found and vouchers purchased, such as for a Christmas Gift, at and we have also attached a short video to give an insight into what goes on: 

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